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39.95/year (renewal at the end of the year's term is not automatic. You will receive an emailed notice at the end of the term if you want to renew. Use Coupon Code: 50%OFF at check out for a limited time discounted price of $19.98 for the year. (Expires 04/30/19)

Acceptance Criteria

  • Website must be completed.  No under construction sites will be accepted.
  • Website or blog site must pertain to doll fashions, dolls, doll dioramas, doll patterns, doll crafts, miniature doll items, and any other handmade items that pertain to the world of dolls.
Please DO NOT Apply If your site is...
  • primarily used for spam advertisements or redirects visitors to other unrelated sites.
  • linked to adult materials such as sexually oriented products, images, child pornography, drug paraphernalia, violence etc.
  • Popup windows that persistently harass and take over a persons entire computer screen (that's not cool!).

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