Doll Photography Background - Molsdorf Park and My Dolls

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 Beautiful Gated Backdrop
  Since, I know nothing about sewing, I do the doll photography for my Mom's website She makes the doll clothes and I do my best to find a background that blends well with the doll clothing that she wants to display.  I will admit that I am not the best photographer, far from it, but it is a labor of love for me and sometimes the scenes I come up with make me laugh. I sometimes take a hundred or more photos trying to get at least 10 good ones to present to the world. I use these high powered bulbs, that I purchase from Amazon.  They last a long time and give out excellent lighting, but it's really awful when I break one.  I always feel as though I need to get out the hazmat suit...LOL!  Anyway, I digress.  The backdrop that I chose for this particular photo shoot was one that I found on Pixabay. I liked that the photographer cropped the photo perfectly to where all I had to do was add my floor extension along the front. Thankfully, I already had a cloth backdrop that had pavers that match the pavers on the bottom of the photo.  This allowed me to extend my flooring along the front, which gave me plenty of room to pan out and capture a larger area.  I tried to do a bit of research as to where this shot was taken. From the little information that I was able to dig up, it is a park located in Germany known as Park von Schloss Molsdorf or Park of Molsdorf Castle. I hope I am correct. If not, just chime in below.  It is a beautiful entrance and I am glad our dolls took me on an adventure to see and learn about it.  Once again, big thanks to the photographer for sharing such beautiful work and allowing me to use it.  Check out the doll photos below and visit our Instagram page for more doll photo adventures that we hope will make you smile and downright laugh out loud 😀.
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