Flower Print Barbie Doll Dress with Pink Earrings and Shoes

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Today I finally got around to doing a photo shoot for a barbie doll dress that I had made a while ago.  Because it is made from a flower print material, I wanted an outside background prop that would complement the beauty of the flower blossom print of the fabric.  So, just recently I decided to try my hand at making a garden trellis scene for the backdrop.  I gathered together a couple of paper boxes and covered them in reed wood.  Next, I found a couple of wooden ladders to serve as the side legs that would support my trellis arch.  A couple of wooden trinket boxes stacked on top of each other became the perfect solution for a nice seating area for Barbie.  Once the structure was in place, I decorated it with a few garlands of ivy and other assorted artificial flowers.  After turning on several high powered lights, and grabbing my iPhone camera, all that was missing was Barbie.  Lights, camera, action! Two hundred photos later, we narrowed it down to what we determined to be the best 5 pics to post on our Etsy website listing for the dress.  We hope that you like the dress and the photo prop.  Visit our Etsy Store to see more of our Barbie doll or other similarly sized, 11.5 inch doll fashions and accessories.

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