Handmade Barbie Doll Designer Purse - Camel Colored Hues and Silver Accents ES Glam Collection

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Handmade, designer doll purses for Barbie and other similarly sized dolls are a labor of love that my daughter and I share.  Much time and many happy late nights filled with laughter and creative excitement went into designing and decorating this beautiful handbag.  Not only did my daughter and I spend a considerable amount of time fashioning this exquisite and beautifully designed miniature handbag, but we tirelessly dug through our extensive collection of Barbie dolls in order to find the perfect model to complement such an elegant purse. This style of purse reminded us of horseback riding and saddles.  So, we endearingly called our doll model "saddle girl" because she was the only doll in our doll treasury that effortlessly looked the part. Finding her was similar to having a casting call of thousands of Barbie dolls and her friends in order to find "the one."  Our model exudes the poise and confidence that we were seeking to showcase such an extraordinary one-of-a-kind purse.  We hope that you like it!  For more information and descriptive details, please visit our ES Glam Collection of Purses and accessories on our Etsy Store 



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