ES Glam Collection Handmade Barbie Doll Designer Purses and Accessories

Posted by Enchanted Styles on introduces the ES Glam Collection.  The ES Glam Collection category on our Etsy website will consist of quality, durable, handmade designer Barbie doll purses that are elegant and contemporary.  These handmade purses are machine and hand sewn in order to create precision details that are reflective of realistic designer purses for women.  All of the purses in the ES Glam Collection open and close so your Barbie will have plenty of space storing important documents while on the go.  Some purses have wallets within the purses, some have only a pocket pouch, and others simply are spacious once opened.  No matter which purse you choose from this category, you will find something that is unique and delightfully charming. Each purse has a stamped ES hang tag, which authenticates the fact that they are Enchanted Styles' very own, handmade creations.  They are all remarkable and make great collectible items.  The ES Glam Collection, also, comes with jewelry that is designed to complement and revolve around the purse being showcased.


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