Barbie Doll Collectible Fashion Purses Coming Soon!

Posted by Enchanted Styles on

Barbie Doll Collectible Fashion Purses by Enchanted Styles are finally about to become a reality.  My daughter and I have been in the craft room working hard at designing a new collection of purses.  We have not decided on what we will call this collection, but we hope to make the collection's name as unique as the purses themselves. The fun and exciting part about these purses is that we are planning to include a cute little surprise inside of every purse.  These purses are designed to resemble the larger designer, fashion purses that many women enjoy carrying today.  They are trendy, modern, and oh so chic! Here is a tiny snippet of what one is shaping up to look like.  Hopefully it and the others will be posted to our Etsy Store before the month of October ends.

I know that it doesn't look like much right now, but once it is completed, and we have a photo session with Barbie, it will look a whole lot better than it does now surrounded by views of my messy, but quiet effective craft table. Stay tuned for the final product and several more to come.


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