Barbie Doll Outfit and Springtime Inspiration

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It's been a while since my last Barbie doll post, but I have been slowly working on an outfit that is inspired by my excitement of the upcoming Spring season.  As I was surfing online one day, I ran across a picture that stuck in my head.  It was a picture of beautiful magenta colored flowers against a sea of green foliage.  This picture further triggered that happy feeling that I get prior to the start of a new season, especially Spring.  I love to hear the birds chirping, the squirrels running around, and the site of new leaves just beginning to bud on the trees.  It's like watching the canvas of a winter painting gradually change slowly before my eyes into a fresh new painting filled with such vibrant colors that I am awe struck and amazed at its beauty.  What can I say, I love Spring-time!  Anyway,  I decided to include a picture of the beautiful flowers that I spotted from an online nursery below.  The Barbie doll outfit, which I hope to finish up and post soon, will be my attempt at capturing the beauty and essence of this Springtime vision below.  Be sure to check back to see how well I did at transforming a vision of nature into a Spring-time outfit for Barbie.  In the meantime, please visit to see other available handmade outfits for your Barbie doll, or visit the nursery below to find out more about these beautiful, Springtime flowers.



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