Play scale (Barbie Doll Sized) Daisy Yellow Chair and Ottoman Additions Being Added

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Just recently I decided to deactivate my Etsy Store listing for the below play scale chair and ottoman set.  It is one of my favorites but at the time I created it, I never got around to making a sofa, end table, and coffee table to go with it.  Well, the time has come for me to do so.  I think that it will bring the chair out more if it has other pieces to go with it.  Besides, the more pieces there are to play with the more the imagination can soar.  I am almost finished with creating the matching sofa.  I just have to add the pleated skirting around the bottom to give it that old-fashioned, traditional look.  I decided to create a back drop that has more of a country theme and feel to it, which I think will photograph a little better than the blue striped wall paper background as shown in the old picture.

As far as the coffee table and end table are concerned, I think that I will keep it simple and use straight wooden legs as opposed to the curved decorative kind.  In the past, I have often used wood that was painted black; but this time, I am going to be adventurous and paint the wood a sage-green looking color.  I think that it will look great against the yellow tones of the sofa and chair.  Also, the sofa and chair has a small hint of green color in the threading that will be complemented even more by the green color of the tables.  Since the tables are to be simple, I haven't decided how or whether I should decorate them in some way.  I have thought about adding a small, decorative stenciled design in a beige color to each corner of the tables.  I think that if I can pull it off it will add the finishing touches to a warm, traditional, country themed living room set.  I will also be in the process of brainstorming over what type of accessories to  go with this lovely set.  Perhaps, I will make a lamp to sit on the end table, or maybe a simple flower arrangement of some sort.  I will keep working at it until I get everything just right.  I have truly enjoyed working on this project the past several days.  I am delighted to have finally created a matching sofa to go with the chair and I hope that it will find a wonderful home to be played with, or to sit beautifully as part of a doll diorama.  I will re-post pictures to this blog, and re-list it to my Etsy Store once the entire set is finally completed.  Well, back to work I go!  Have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by!


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