Handmade Navy Blue and White Barbie Doll Skirt Suit

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This beautiful handmade Barbie doll skirt suit is pleated around the waste and the jacket has detailed navy blue embroidered trim around the collar, down the front and around each sleeve cuff.  Matching earrings, shoes, and purse tie it all together.  To find out more about this skirt suit click here.

This outfit reminded me of a stroll down the side walk of a small town shopping district (minus the high heels), so I set out to create a small shopping boutique as my background prop.  I took some cardboard and cut outlines of two squares for my windows, and one rectangle for my door.  I had some old plastic containers that were the perfect size to use as the window displays.  I traced out about 10 squares for the door panel, cut three sides of it, leaving the hinged area attached to the cardboard, and then placed some textured plexiglass behind it to give it more of a shop look.  Next I tackled the awnings.  I knew that I wanted something in stripes, so I dug through my stash of craft paper and found the perfect match.  I glued the striped craft paper to a more sturdy cardboard, curved it so that it would bow over each window, and glued them into place.  I applied some white sticker trim around the edges to give it a scalloped look.  I then glued some doll pictures that I cut out from a Barbie magazine to another cardboard and placed it about 4 inches behind my storefront prop to give the illusion of a fully stocked store.  Making this storefront was so much fun, and I hope to get better and better at creating props like these.  I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures.  To find out more about this skirt suit and other products, please visit www.enchantedstyles.etsy.com.  




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