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This English garden setting was created by using a poster that I purchased from a local craft store.  It is entitled 'Garden Delight' by Jessica Jenney.  It was the perfect backdrop for me to build upon in creating my garden scene.  I obtained a 24 inch section of white landscaping fencing and glued flowers to the base of it.  I tried to pick out flowers that would somewhat match those in my scene, but that was hard to do.  The boulders are actually solar powered decorative lights that I purchased from the dollar tree.  I turned them around to hide the light part and stacked them on top of one another to hide the solar panel.  They were just the right height and size for my project and didn't cost much at all.  I am sure that if one lives around a rocky area, such rocks could be found for free as well.  I purchased a small birdhouse from one of the local craft stores and made it appear more vital by adding miniature birds to the fence and around the birdhouse.  I can't remember where I got the dog from as I have had it for quite some time. I attached a small stretch of silver-toned jewelry chain around the dog's neck and secured the other end to Barbie's hand to give the appearance that they are out for a casual stroll, passing by a beautifully manicured English garden.  Find out more about the dress and accessories by visiting 







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